Part 1: Introduction


  • - This is a comprehensive interview training mastery series.
  • - BS/MD program interviews are unlike other college interviews.
  • - Essential course: fewer than half of students that interview are offered acceptance.
  • - Acceptance based on interview performance.
  • - They want to know who you are! 

Their Goal is to assess:

- Interpersonal skills, maturity, personal motivation, oral communication skills, experience in healthcare, excitement for future in medicine, and compassion. 

Our goals:

  • - To prepare you as best as possible for your upcoming interviews.
  • “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” - Benjamin Franklin
  • - Explain the ins and outs of the interview with examples and sample questions.
  • - Offer the tools you need to excel with any interview question. 


  1. Types of Interview Styles
  2. Types of Interview Questions
  3. Basic Opening Questions (“tell me about yourself”)
  4. Personal Interests (i.e. hobbies)
  5. CV/resume
  6. Research
  7. Common Interview Questions
  8. Behavioral Questions (describe a time when...)
  9. Situational Questions (imagine you are in...)
  10. Ethical Questions
  11. Red flags
  12. Questions for Interviewer
  13. Part 4: Misc (final tips, nuances, what to wear, etc)

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